Who is it for?

This gap year is for anyone between the ages of 17 and 25 who have a heart to share Jesus with young people in the UK. It’s for those of you who want to give a year of your life to serve God, to explore the gifts God has given you and to go deeper in your relationship with God.


What are the course dates?

This is an 11-month program running from September to July. There is a 6 month option available for the youth work stream.


Where will I be based?

You will be placed with one of our YFC Centres in the UK. You will work alongside an experienced youth work team and be connected to a church where you can get involved in all they do. All of our centres are so varied in the youth work they do so we match you with a centre based on the experience you want to get out of the year.
All of our touring teams are based in Birmingham, from there you will travel around the UK carrying out missions in schools, churches and with our local centres. When you are not on mission you will get involved with the youth work at a local church alongside ongoing training and rehearsals.


Where will I live?

You will live with a host family who will provide you with your own room and all food and bills are included. This is usually a family from the church you are based in and who wish to bless you during your year serving God and serving the church.


Do I get any time off?

During the year we make sure that you have time off to relax, make visits home to see family and keep in touch with those supporting you from back home. This usually consists of a couple of weeks off at Christmas and Easter and at least one long weekend off per term.


What training will I receive?   

Evangelism Training Conference – We begin the year with 10 days together training and equipping you for your year ahead. We work with you to set the foundations for your discipleship journey as well as deliver practical training in areas you may have not looked at before. It is such a great time away to get to know everyone on your year out, and of course there is lots of food and games. 

Hubs – This is ongoing training which happens throughout the year when we all meet together to learn, worship, pray and of course once again there is food involved!

Conference – This is our national YFC Gathering, where you join with 400 others to worship, pray, receive amazing teaching and learn about what the rest of the YFC Family get up to.  

Mid-year retreat – This retreat comes in the middle of the year and is a great time of refreshment and reflection. It will give you time and space to look back on all you have learnt and achieved during your time so far with YFC One, and then look forward to what is still to come! 

End of year Bash – This is where we celebrate all that God has done over the year. We take you away to a city within the UK to worship, pray, party and praise God for all He has done. We as a team, love hearing everyone’s testimony and thanking you for all you have done over the year. 


What support will I receive?

During the year you will receive lots of support from the YFC One team, you will also have a line manager in placement and a team of experienced youth workers around you to support you and grow you. Alongside this you will have a mentor from your church who you will meet up with throughout the year to journey with you on the highs as lows of ministry and support you on your spiritual development.


How much does the year cost?

All of your training, teaching, accommodation and food is covered by the total fee of £2600 to £3100 for the year depending on what you choose to specialise in. We understand that this is a large amount of money and we do everything we can to keep the costs down.

When we say it costs £2600 (or in some cases £3100) to be a part of the YFC One programme, we aren’t expecting you or even your parents to stump up the cash. At Youth for Christ all volunteers and staff fundraise. We talk about what we’re doing to our local churches and family and friends and anyone who will listen! We throw parties and events, we write newsletters, we have conversations and we get other people as excited as we are that God is using us to show His love and grace to every young person in Britain. And when we do, people want to be a part of it, they want to stand with us on our journey; in prayer, in friendship and in finance. And all of a sudden £2600 isn’t £2600 anymore. It’s 10 supporters giving £26 a month, or 26 giving £10. It’s a group of people so invested in what you’re doing that they are praying for you every week. Now you’re not just doing the thing that God has called you to, you’re doing it with an army of supporters, and covered in prayer!

We do not want the cost to be an issue to anyone joining us so if you are worried, please to get in touch and we can talk about how we can help. Bursaries are available to anyone who struggles to raise the money to do the year.


How will I raise the money?

We don’t leave you to do this alone so throughout the year we will give you specific training all on personal support, right down to practical tips of how to write letters, how to approach potential supporters over the phone and keeping supporters up to date.

It is also a good idea do fundraisers yourself. There is something very demonstrative about your own efforts to support your gap year programme. This could mean doing a sponsored event, getting a summer job or taking on some odd-jobs. Why not try jumping on a bouncy castle for 24 hours, or even a bungee jump! Dream big and try and think outside the box!


What if I am not from the UK?

We extend a very warm welcome to overseas volunteers who would like to join our YFC One programme. Over the past few years, YFC has received people from different parts of the world such as South Africa, Australia, Canada, USA, and Germany. It has been exciting to see how they have contributed so much to our programmes and in turn, have benefited from being in a team and have also developed new youth work skills in a different culture from their own.

There are additional requirements and costs for volunteers coming from overseas:

  • Good level of spoken English
  • Aged between 18-25
  • Some experience in youth work
  • Additional cost of £250.00 (European nationals) or £350.00 (all other nationals) to cover the management cost for the extra support we provide.


What is the application process like?  

Simply start by filling out the application online, we will then invite you for an interview at our head office, where you can meet the team and find out more about YFC One. Please don’t be nervous about the interview stage as it is a time for us to get to know each other and see where you could best fit in YFC One.

After the interview, the team prayerfully considers if YFC One is right for you and will offer you a place subject to DBS Checks and placement availability.

It is then over to you so start fundraising, we will send you a welcome pack with all the resources you need to get started. A few months before you start we will be in contact about where you will be placed and with all the details about you joining us in September.


If I apply for a specific stream, will I definitely be on that stream?

All of the streams have a limited number of spaces, and although we will endeavour to place people where they want to be, we cannot guarantee we will place you on the stream you apply for. There will be an audition as part of the interview process, for the worship, music and dance streams.


What does a typical week look like in a set placement?

Each of our placement can vary on the types of youth work they do, from schools work, assemblies and lessons, to mentoring, drop in cafes, and detached youth work. Some of our centres also do youth events, residentials and work with a variety of different ages.

Due to the nature of youth work this is not a normal 9 to 5 placement, you would normally be expected to work 2 sessions of a working day (i.e. morning, afternoon, evening) you will also have a minimum of one day off per week. A minimum of 75% of your time will be based doing youth work and the rest for the time will be admin, planning and team time together.  


What is the HomeGrown option?

Homegrown is our brand new local option for those of you who would like to stay at home and plug into our gap year training. Living at home will bring the cost down. You’ll be able to work within your home church and build relationships in your own community. You will also be a part of our YFC One training, including our National events and hub training. This is an amazing opportunity for those who don’t want to move away from home but want to have relevant training and be a part of a young adult community with people who have the same heart as you.


How can I apply for the HomeGrown option?

If you visit our applications page you will find an option to tick Homegrown and a few questions to answer. You will also need to discuss with your placement/home church whether this option could work in your case. Once you’ve done this, we recommend that your church make contact with the YFC One team to discuss how it would work.


Would I be able to do HomeGrown if I live overseas?

Unfortunately, at this stage we cannot offer the Homegrown option if you live overseas as you need to be at all of our training and National events in Britain throughout the year. You can, however, come to Britain and be placed with one of our YFC Centres for the year.


Where is the training held?

The training is held in various places in the UK and can often change location each year. Our Hub Training is held in Birmingham and our Conference is held in Manchester, but please speak to the YFC One staff for more details on these.


What if I want to do Homegrown but don’t have a local church?

This option can only work if you have a church to work with. If you are not able to do the work with your home church, you will need to contact local churches and charities that you know in your area to see if they would be interested in working alongside you for the year. If Homegrown doesn’t work for you, then you could look into moving away and working with one of our YFC Centres.


How much is HomeGrown?

The total cost for you is £1495 and we ask for a contribution of £500 from the church you will be working with. These funds pay for all of the training and events with YFC One. They do not include travel costs and an optional extra cost of £200 to attend our YFC Conference in January. We would suggest you or your church pay for the travel as well as food and accommodation in your local area if you are not staying at home.


Still have unanswered questions? Contact us.