BIG Ministries are YFC’s National Children’s Team, heading up the 7-11s department.

BIG Ministries are a team of about 50 volunteers and 2 staff who love to have fun! We are completely passionate about working with 7-11s and helping them discover their role in making God’s Kingdom happen!

We believe in delivering excellent children’s ministry, and helping others to do the same. We love to help children hear about and experience spiritual truths in ways that make sense to them and also allow them the space and time to explore, ask and discover the answers to the big questions they have. We strive to celebrate individuality too and make everything we do and plan as accessible and engaging for all as we can.

We are also passionate at BIG Ministries about the Church gathering together and have written and produced a resource, The All-In Thing to help churches to think about how we can make gatherings work where we are all-in together.