Youth for Christ will launch a brand new evangelism resource at the National Youth Ministry Weekend in Birmingham this November. The ‘Sync Coach’ is designed to equip and inspire every young Christian in Britain to share their faith with their friends.


We’ve been piloting Sync around the world, from England to Abu Dhabi and the feedback has been very good. As a movement, we couldn’t be more excited about the resource and the impact it could have on young people.

We created Sync because young Christians need to have sharing their faith modelled to them by youth workers. Another is that a lot of young Christians haven’t even thought they have a story to tell others. Phil Knox, creator of Sync, says: “One of the most encouraging things I see is teenagers who love to share their faith and are having a profound impact on the lives of their friends.  However many young people panic about saying ‘the right thing’ or don’t even believe they have a story to share. I believe every young person’s story has the impact to totally transform the lives of those around them.”

Sync Coach

When a young person signs up to Sync they will receive a short daily video by email. These bite-size and personal videos take them through the course, teaching them the 3-story method of evangelism. This involves God’s story, our story and the story of the person we are trying to reach. Sync is about how those stories intersect and come together.

At the end of the course, young people will have the tools to put together their story and tell it. They will also know God’s story and a couple of ways to communicate it.

The dream is for every young person who completes the course to know these two stories and be praying for a few friends to come to know Jesus. “What would happen if every young Christian in Britain was praying for a few mates and was equipped to share the gospel and their own story with them?  It could change the nation”, Phil says enthusiastically.


But that’s not all. On Sync youth leaders go through the same training material at the same time as their young people. This is so that they can hold each other accountable through the process. Long-term we want as many young people to go through Sync as possible. We also want as many youth leaders as possible to be running it with their youth groups.

Don’t miss the official unveiling of the Sync Coach at the National Youth Ministry Weekend taking place from the 10th to the 12th of November.