“She began to Scream”

Jesus can heal the most broken and fragile of lives

Lazy and Selfish? Not us.

Laura Hancock on the recent Gen Z Live debate.

New Evangelism Resource coming this November

Sync Coach to be launched at National Youth Ministry Weekend

How do we help Young People to Pray?

Joel Goodlet on calling young Christians to devote themselves to prayer

Sowing Seeds in Potterne

Wiltshire YFC get their hands dirty, love their neighbours and sow seeds

Commissioning 2017

Join us on October 7th

United in Christ’s Love and Mission

Event brings youth leaders together

A Young Person’s Letter to Britain’s Youth Workers

Recent YFC Head Office Intern on the support teenagers need

Lessons Learned

Graham Coyle speaks to Tim Adams about the impact YFC has had on his life

Go make a Difference

New summer initiative allows young people to bring about change

Dorset YFC Launched

New Local Centre in East Dorset

The Most Important Moment of your Life

There’s something for everyone at YFC Residentials