‘Taking Good News relevantly to every young person in Britain’


All of  YFC’s activities are rooted in the Mission Statement and nothing is undertaken which does not serve the goal of fulfilling the Mission Statement. This means:


Carrying what has been personally and corporately grasped to present to young people. We carry this as gift that is beneficial to others.

 Good News

 The Gospel as expressed in the Bible and systematised in the historic Christian creeds.


In a style and form that communicated effectively with the given audience. This demands flexibility in approach. This reflects the original commitment of YFC ‘Geared to the times, anchored to the rock. ‘

To every young person

Not limited by national geography, economics, status, culture, ethnicity, disability etc.

 In Britain

England, Scotland, Wales and Channel Islands.

In all of our youth work we use a ‘4D’ approach:



God’s love




relevantly the Good News about Jesus




Giving young people the opportunity to accept Christ as their personal Saviour




Serving the local church by providing both evangelistic and discipleship resources