The number of young adults in church has been declining steadily now for quite some time. In 1985 over half a million of those in their twenties went to church in Britain but by 2005 this figure had more than halved. [1]

Whilst disillusioned with church, this missing generation pursue comfort and happiness like almost nothing else. They have a consumerist outlook yet crave real community. We passionately believe that God is the answer to their deepest needs so we’ve invested time, energy and resources in how we might make a difference. Our first response is Ethos.

ETHOS photos

Ethos is a series of ground-breaking short films, available to watch free on this site and YouTube, that speak creatively and authentically into the issues. Ethos exists to help address the needs specific to this generation of young adults; to help inspire, stir, challenge and ignite discussion amongst so called generation Y.

Why not take a look, get involved, and share in our passion and heart to see real change amongst Britain’s young adults? Tell us what you think, join in and help us see a ‘missing generation’ become a found generation.

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 [1]20-30s and the church A Statistical Overview